Progression of New Brick Universe

Progression of New Brick Universe

As we develop the next era of Brick Universe. We have decided that we wanted to post progression of it.

The era of Brick Universe will almost rely on WebSocket for it to work. This change is to make the website faster. Additionally, we can use it to make up to date changes in Realtime.

We will have major changes to the website and game client. The website and client will have light theme support. The layout of the website and aspects of the workshop and client will be re-designed.

More images of the new Brick Universe era may come as time progress, but you can refer to the blog image to see a clue of what it would look like.

Regarding the data, your account and all of its data from 2020-2023 will be carried over to the new Brick Universe era. Additionally, forum posts and accounts made in the roadmap version will also be carried over.
You will be able to keep everything you have progressed on your account—including games made, items purchased, and universe coins.

The next era of Brick Universe will not only retain data from eras. It will be a redesigned website and game client. Hope to see you enjoy the new era when it comes.