New Features, Changes to Old Features, Roadmap V2, and new site engine

We have redid the help center and developer website. The old developer website used to be, It is now Help Center website URL has remained the same.

We will still be using Unity for game engine and JavaScript and Lua programming language will be added. The game engine will be released as some day/time.

New Features

The upcoming features will be a find friends feature. You will be able to import .vcf files to find friends on Brick Universe by your contacts.

The second feature that may be upcoming is the new privacy settings, where you can control more of the settings.

The new feature that may be added to workshop/game is the scripting programming language. The language programming will be added is mainly JavaScript and alternative is Lua.

Features that is changing or has changed

Copyright system has been changed, so instead of strikes, it will be four copyright notices. If you received a copyright warning, you have one copyright notice. If you received a strike, you have a two copyright notices and so on.

Ruby Premium has also be rebranded, so instead of Ruby Premium Tier one, two, or three. It has been changed to "Ruby Premium", "Ruby Premium Neon" and "Ruby Premium Turbo".

We will be moving configuration and create into Creator Dashboard instead it being the own page.

New Features Already Added

The chat feature has been released and you can chat with friends, join a public chat. You can even join a private chat by using a Chat room code. Please note that leaking private chat codes may result an account moderation.

New site engine

We have switched to React. The website will update without refreshing the page, or navigating to a new page. You no-longer have to click something for the website to update.

When the website used to be BloxBrimer, it did not use a framework or library. It did not even have JavaScript and relied on CSS for menus.

Later in 2018, We have redid the css and that one looked like Roblox Layout, and in early 2019, when we have changed the name to BLOX Caster, we have used Material Design Bootstrap.

In late 2019, We have used foundation framework and it slowed down the website, no foundation. It was using too many resources and was slow.

Then in mid-2020, we have wrote our own css framework but still use jQuery, later we then used native JavaScript until April of 2022, then finally, we are currently using React.